What paperwork is there?

None! Simply provide us with your contact details and a copy of your driver’s licence and you are good to go! By providing us with this information you have read and agree to our Terms & Conditions


Where do I pick up the float/trailer?

We are based in Ararimu, South Auckland. Collection/drop off can either be there or at another meeting point in South Auckland as arranged with us.


My vehicle doesn’t have an electric breaking unit in it, can I still use your floats?

Yes absolutely, our floats have their electric breaking control box installed in them so they can be used on any vehicle.


I have an early start on Saturday, do I have to pay for a Friday hire as well?

No! If you have an early start we can arrange for you to collect your float/trailer the night before at no extra charge (dependent on other bookings)

I’m running late and won’t have the float/trailer back in time, what do I do?

Please contact us if you are running late, if there are no other customers wanting to collect that evening then generally a late drop off is no problem. You will be responsible for any additional day charges should you run over into the next day.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash or bank deposit. When booking in advance, a $20 non-refundable deposit must be made into our account to secure your booking. The outstanding balance must be paid in full prior to the hire commencing.


I have had an accident, what happens now?

Should you have an accident and the float/trailer is damaged please contact us immediately. You are responsible for the insurance excess ($500) to cover the repairs. Please note that any injuries your horse or damage to your items within the float/trailer are not covered under our insurance. We will provide a safe, well maintained float/trailer; it is your responsibility to ensure your horse/product travels well.


The float/trailer has been stolen while I was hiring it, what happens now?

Should the float/trailer be stolen while out for hire, the customer is responsible for the replacement value of the float in full.


Can you provide me with a GST invoice?

Yes we can!


I am a regular customer, do you have a loyalty programme?

Yes! Every 5 day hires earns you a 50% discount off your 6th day hire! Discount is valid for 3 months from date of earning, subject to availability.


I’m interested in buying one of your floats/trailer, can I trial it?

Yes certainly! Simply hire one of our floats for whatever period you desire and should you then purchase one of our floats we will take the cost of that hire off the price of the float (limited to one hire)


Do you offer long term leases?

Unfortunately not yet, but as we grow we will be offering this option.